Power and rigidity

The MTR400HR machine series is a further development of the MTR400H model range. The HR series provides more rigidity and new possibilities for all 5-faces operations on demanding materials. The machines of this model range are the answer to the increased demand for flexibility and versatility.

  • Horizontal and vertical milling and turning on 4 or 5 axes
  • UH200-3 units with high machining capacity
  • High rigidity with enhanced clamping force and speed
  • Increased power and more machining spindles
  • Automated loading and unloading of workpiece

The HR series benefits from the line’s many features for horizontal operations, provides more rigidity and new possibilities for all operations on 5 faces for demanding materials and meets the growing demand for flexibility and versatility.

The MTR400HR series is a CNC rotary transfer machine for manufacturing high-precision parts involving complex horizontal and vertical operations. It is equipped with a 6-station chassis and an innovative rotary table with 6 floating pallets and a new generation of UH200-3 units.

The most frequent applications

Technical characteristics
TypeMilling, drilling, turning, tapping
PalletsØ120 mm
Max. number of units510
Unit typePrecitrame UH200-3
Max. number of tools per unit9
Max. axes / groups31 / 662 / 12
LoadingManual or automatic
ApplicationsWatchmaking, electronic, automotive, medical, aeronautic, etc.
Productivity500 to over 10’000 parts/day, depending on operations
CommandFanuc with Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM)
Power supply3x400V PE+N, 50 Hz, 63A, 12 kVA3x400V PE+N, 50 Hz, 125A, 53 kVA
Pneumatic supply5-10 bar, 900 l/min, purity class 4/55-10 bar, 3’000 l/min, purity class 4/5
Cold water supply<18°C, 36 l/min<18°C, 40 l/min
Overall dimensions7’900 x 6’600 x 3’100 mm7’900 x 7’500 x 3’400 mm
WeightApprox. 12’500 kgApprox. 22’500 kg
SafetyThe machine integrates the latest security technologies. This allows at the same time a safe and convivial work.
Options and accessoriesCNC Tapper, up to 3’000 rpm, S0.4 à M8
Mapal Tooltronic® CNC recessing turning head Integrated measurement system Precima
Mobile and swivel control panel
Wear and tool breakage detection (tool monitoring) Workpiece clamping with fast exchanging system Automated tool offsets input by THDM Extinguishing installation
Automatic loading and unloading system Automated loading cell CA61
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