The precise machining solution

Precitrame’s MTR312 CNC rotary transfer machine will drastically change your mind as far as performance and costs are concerned.

  • High-precision workpieces transfer system
  • Multiple machining in one clamping operation
  • Up to 31 simultaneous axes and 40 tools
  • Interface Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM)
  • Automated loading and unloading

Highest productivity, flexibility and speed. These advantages have been recognized for several years in industries as demanding in the clock and watch making, medical, electronics and the automotive industry.

Technical characteristics
MTR300 SeriesMTR312H
TypeMilling, drilling, tapping, surfacing, chamfering
PalletsØ120 mm
Max. number of units.10
Unit typePrecitrame UH160-3, UV160-4 as option
Number of tools per unit4
Max. axes / groups31 / 10
LoadingManual or automatic
Fields of applicationWatchmaking, electronics, medical, aeronautics, energy, automotive, etc.
Productivity500 to over 50’000 parts/day, depending on operations
ControlFanuc with Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM)
Power supply3x400V PE+N, 50 Hz, 32A, 11 kVA
Pneumatic supply5-10 bar, 500 l/min, purity class 4/5
Cold water supply<18°C, 36 l/min
Overall dimensions4’380 x 3’770 x 2'955 mm
WeightApprox. 8'700 kg
SafetyThe machine integrates the latest security technologies.
Options and accessoriesNC tapper, 0 to 3’000 rpm, S0.4 to M8
Horizontal spindle, 18’000 rpm, HSK25
NC surfacing and chamfering head
Integrated measurement system Precima
Mobile and swivel control panel
Wear and tool breakage detection (tool monitoring)
Automated tool offsets input by THDM
Extinguishing installation
Automatic loading and unloading system
Automated loading cell CA61
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