Micromachining center 5 axes

The K5 compact machining center is part of an innovative concept which consists in having the manufacturing equipment on the same scale as the parts to be produced. The precision and durability of this compact machine is the result of the extremely short force loops and the lightest possible moving parts. This creates extreme dynamics, allowing high-speed machining to be carried out while following a very precise trajectory.

  • Solid base frame for high machine stability
  • High-speed machining with 2.5G accelerations of the machining axis
  • Automatic tool changer up to 50 positions and intermediate buffer with 4 position
  • Reduced floor space and energy consumption

Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM) 2.0

Developed in-house, the new HMI is designed for 100% touch operation of the machine. Modern and intuitive, this interface offers ease of use, allowing the user to concentrate on production. The integrated file editor offers program comparison and history functions. ISO code autocompletion ensures maximum efficiency when modifying programs.

CK40-P automatic feeder

To guarantee uninterrupted production, the CK40-P automatic feeder loads blanks or workpiece carriers from the pallet into the machine. This automated system are equipped with a palletizer, ensuring autonomy for at least one shift. Optional modules can be integrated, for example to recenter the part for maximum loading accuracy. A drawer can also be used to store parts for SPC inspection.

The most frequent applications

Technical characteristics
TypeHSC milling and turning
Number of axis5
Machinable volume50 x 50 x 50 mm
Axis travel X/Y/Z78 / 56 / 50 mm
Axis feedrate X/Y/Z30'000 mm/min
Axis acceleration X/Y/Z25 m/s²
Rotary Axis B+/- 110° ; 250 rpm
Rotary Axis C360° ; 5000 rpm
Tool changer32 or 50 positions + 1 reserved for wireless 3D-probe (optional)
4-positions intermediate buffer
ElectrospindleWith sleeve ; ATC-15 ; 60’000 rpm ; closed-loop control
LoadingManual or automatic ; workpiece, blanks or micro-bars
Areas of applicationWatchmaking, electronics, medical, energy, etc.
Controller / HMIBeckhoff / Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM 2.0)
Cooling and mist extractionFully integrated system ; 3 level filtering
Power supply3x400V PE+N, 50 Hz, 10A
Power consumption (min / std*) 0.9 kW / 1.7 kW
* Machining with coolant and mist extractor
Pneumatic supply6-10 bar ; <100 l/min ; quality classes 4/5
Cold water supply<18°C ; 5 l/min
Overall dimensions695 x 1’333 x 1’942 mm / 1’570 kg
Options and accessoriesOptical tool break detection
Wireless 3D measuring probe
Automatic fire extinguishing system
Automated loading and unloading system
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