Kummer K5

Micromachining center 3 to 5 axes

Machine Kummer K5

The compact machining center is part of an innovative concept that has the means of production at the scale of the parts to be produced. The precision and durability of this compact machine is the result of the extremely short force loops and the lightest possible moving parts. This creates extreme dynamics, allowing high-speed machining to be carried out while following a very precise trajectory.

  • Reduced floor space and energy consumption
  • High-speed machining with 2.5G accelerations of the machining axes
  • Automatic tool changer up to 54 positions and intermediate buffer for 3 tools
  • Compatible with several clamping interfaces on the market

The most frequent applications

Technical characteristics
TypeHSC milling+turning
Number of axes345
Machinable volume50 x 50 x 50 mm
Course of X/Y/Z axes78 / 56 / 50 mm
Rotary axis B-+/- 90° / 400 rpm
Rotary axis C--360° / 5,000 rpm
Tool changerUp to 54 HSK-15 positions, optional intermediate buffer for 3 tools
Electrospindle60,000 rpm Kummer
LoadingManual or automatic; blank or micro-rods
Areas of applicationWatchmaking, electronics, medical, aeronautics, energy, etc.
Controller / HMI
Beckhoff / Precitrame Machine Manager (PMM) (available in 2022)
Cooling / vapour extraction
Fully integrated system
Power supply3x400V PE+N, 6.9 kVA, 50 Hz, 10A / consumption0.81 kWh
Pneumatic supply6-10 bar, purity class 4/5
Cold water supply<18°C, 5 L/min
Overall dimensions 1,300 x 900 x 2,300 mm / 1,000 kg
Options and accessoriesAdditional vertical axis (W)
Optical tool breakage detection
Automatic fire extinguisher system
Automated system for loading and unloading
Tool changer with 18, 36 or 54 positions
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