Kummer K250

High precision, high productivity turning center

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Principe LSK

The machine

The turning center Kummer K250 has been designed from the start to fully release the accuracy, acceleration and speed potential of linear motors. The LINEAR SLIDES KINEMATICS concept LSK enables up to 10 m/s² accelerations, respectively, on compact strokes of 250 mm x 100 mm, up to 60 m/ min rapid traverses for submicron repositioning accuracy ! The machine standard configuration essentially features an ultra light direct drive mobile suspended spindle headstock mounted on an ultra rigid 7 ton base composed of a steel-framed chassis filled with water based concrete.
The mobile mass therefore only accounts for 2,5% of the machine total weight.

  • Unproductive time reduced by over 50%.
  • Integrated and thermally stabilized linear motors.
  • Direct measurement of the slide movements by a single ruler with 2 cursors (resolution 0,01 µm).
  • No residual faults from the ball screws.

The Spindle

Several mobile direct drive spindles are available, according to the requirements of the specific machining solution. The speed range goes from 8’000 rpm to 12’000 rpm. The spindle can be equipped with steel or ceramic precision ball bearings or hydrostatic bearings.

Technical characteristics
TypeSingle or double spindel turning machine
GuidewaysHigh precision central-lubricated preloaded roller bearings
DrivesLinear motors
Acceleration10 m/s²
Rapids60 m/min (on 250 mm stroke)
Slides motion measuringDirect reading on optical scale. Water and chip exclusion guaranteed by air flow.
Measurement resolution0,01 μm
Workheadsfrom 8000 to 12000 rpm
Ball or hydrostatic bearings
Numerical controlSiemens 840D
Floor space4'250 x 3'215 mm (manual loading configuration)
WeightApprox. 7’000 kg
Options and accessories- Profiler for axial and radial profiles
- High frequency (HF) spindle
- Spindle for additional grinding
- In-process or post-process measurements
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